4 Features that Make Financial Firms Suitable for Small Businesses 


Running a small company monitoring software is not an easy task. It requires funds and capital investment for equipment purchase, more employees as the work starts expanding, budgeting, renovations and repairs, and whatnot. Besides, there are always emergencies to deal with – a sudden growth opportunity or sudden mechanical failures that require immediate repairs. All in all, getting a loan and getting it soon are the 2 things that decide the fate of small businesses. That being said, if you’re in North America and you’re looking for a reliable firm to seek financial help, it’s firms like Accord Financial that you should trust.

Out of the many reasons that make Accord Financial small business financing a success, the most relevant ones are listed below. Have a look! 

  1. They Give Flexible Financing Solutions

Professionals at Accord understand that different businesses have different needs. Some might need more funding than some others. Keeping this in mind they have come up with the flexibility of loaning small businesses funds between $5000 to $75,000.

  1. They Don’t Hackle Customers

Yes, you won’t have creditors banging at your front door for loan repayment. That’s because they already offer flexible loan terms.

  • The loan is lended for a period of minimum 3 months and maximum 18 months. 
  • You can pay the loan in full after 3 months at minimal charges. 

In fact, once your first loan is paid by 50%, you can apply for a second loan. It works on a simple algorithm. The new loan pays out what’s left from your first loan and the remaining amount is considered as the second loan. 

  1. They’re Always Available

Their team of financial experts is always available to help you. Whether it’s the first time that you’re contacting them or later on, they are easy to get in touch with. 

  1. Their Loaning Procedure is Simple

With Accord Financial on board, you won’t have to worry about:

  • Tricky paperwork 
  • Delay in approval 
  • Delayed loan credit in your account

They make the process simple. 

  • You submit the documents and your loan requirement. 
  • They study the documents and decide whether or not you qualify for their small loan financial program within 24 hours. 
  • Once approved, they provide a simple form where you have to fill the necessities like : the amount of funds you need and the term for the loan (3-18 months). 

What’s more? 

Well, Accord financial allows:

  • Simple weekly repayment plan. 
  • Prepayment option after 3 months. 
  • Readvance option after half the amount from the 1st loan is paid. 

To conclude, if yours is a small business, Accord Financial is the right choice for you.