4 reasons why planning your child’s education is a must!


When aiming to accomplish a lofty objective, planning is essential. Even while it may be crucial for your child’s future, higher education is now seen as a life goal. In 15 years, the cost of a prominent management degree from one of the best universities will be close to Rs. 1 crore, even with meager annual increases of 2.5%.

Child education planning is created expressly to assist you in realizing this enormous objective for your child. Here are four strong arguments that child education planning initiatives are now essential:

  • Future Work Environment Uncertainty

An international trend nowadays is the technological replacement of traditionally human professions. However, it is still unknown how extensive these replacements will be. The current state of affairs makes one thing very clear: higher education only sets the way for future learning requirements.

Future workers will need to continuously update and pick up new abilities in order to have a solid career and see consistent growth. Entrepreneurship is the other job path that has emerged as a result of increased mechanization.

The trick of the day is turning a modest but in-demand idea into a successful business. Though enjoyable, it can be financially taxing—at least during the first several years of operation.

  • Protect yourself from life’s uncertainties.

The future of one’s job is unpredictable, but the same is true of life. Your untimely death is the biggest threat to your child’s and family’s dreams. Thankfully, you may ensure their financial stability by doing child education planning.

When it comes to your child’s objectives, you can protect them individually. Even after your death, child education plans can still contribute to the desired outcome.

By adopting child education planning, you may make sure that your child has the funding necessary to achieve his or her educational goals.

  • Do not borrow money for education.

Due to their tax-saving advantages, student loans may seem like a more sensible option for achieving the objective of higher education. Whether you receive tax advantages or not, you must continue to make loan interest payments. Additionally, your child may begin their career with a significant obligation given the unpredictability of job and income after completing their or degree.

Even a small amount of borrowing could be beneficial if you have enough money in your pocket and it will help you. But after you reach your objective, you should perform that math. Even after saving for the goal, you could still need to borrow due to the escalating costs. So why not make sure you can maintain modest borrowing levels with child education planning?

  • Encourage entrepreneurialism

Raising capital is one of the most difficult challenges for entrepreneurs today, and this is unlikely to change in the future. Young innovators and inventors frequently give up a significant portion of their ownership stake in the company in exchange for financial support.

Imagine being able to support your child’s early entrepreneurial aspirations. Their time to financial independence would be cut in half. Additionally, everything can increase the family’s prosperity.