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Many sites, books or videos promise a lot of wonders when it comes to wealth and quite honestly we really don’t want to be that nth person shouting at you a technique to get rich in less than a year. Although it is quite possible to become one in this period, most of the time it requires a little time and therefore necessarily a little patience.

How the Billionaires Have Done It?

Billionaires like Warren Buffet have built their wealth on long-term investments. This isa real painstaking job, which after several years has borne fruit. Time is therefore an incredible ally, especially if you start to think about your financial situation now without waiting until you are too old (this will still be possible, but less effective) to do anything.

Before telling you about 3 effective techniques to get rich, we would first like to define with you what exactly means to be rich.

Rich or Poor? That is the question

My definition will probably seem simplistic to you, but to be rich in my eyes is much more than having several 0s after the number 1 in your bank account. It is true that this is also what being rich is. But I see much further than that.

To be rich is to be able not only to provide for one’s own basic needs while having fun, but also to be able to come to the aid of one’s neighbor. The Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 by James Scholes  is the ultimate option  in this case now.

If that is the case for you, then the good news is that you are one of the richest people in the world. And we have another piece of good news: you can be even better than now.

To become rich is to choose to be an ant, rather than a bear

  • Whether you are rich or poor, you can still improve your financial health and add a few numbers to the amount of your personal wealth.
  • Plus, contrary to a popular myth, you don’t need to earn a very large salary to get rich, or even have regular cash inflows.
  • Money contributes to happiness, but is far from being the source of it. One of the reasons that motivate me personally to constantly improve my financial health is to be able in a few years to have better access to something that is sometimes difficult to manage,time.
  • And yes, being rich is also being able to have more time.

Precious time that you will devote to those you love, and to the causes that are really close to your heart. There is nothing more exhilarating than being able to spend time with your family, contribute to the happiness of those around you and help change the world.

Becoming financially independent means being able to have more time to read, help, travel, discuss, influence have time.


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