Applications To Edit Your Photos With Fun Effects On Android


    The Best Free Photo Editing Apps on Android | NDTV Gadgets 360

    Photo retouching applications are in fashion; we take a photo with our mobile, we apply a color effect to it, and we share it with our friends.

    Whether for hot insta or Picplz, there are plenty of options with which to edit our photos. However, today we want to offer you something completely different. We have prepared a selection of Android apps with which you can give a comic and different touch to your photos and those of your friends.

    1. Photo Warp

    We start our compilation with Photo Warp. An application that allows us to do the classic cut to stretch a part of the image to turn portraits into caricatures. A very fun effect that, with a little skill, we will get some really funny images. Its use is very simple and thanks to the variety offered by the tools, we have many options when it comes to personalizing our photos.

    1. FatBooth

    Surely, we have ever wondered how we would be physically with more years; with more kilos? Well, with FatBooth, we can now put on a few extra pounds, virtually speaking, and see what our appearance would be like if we skipped the diet. Although it is fun to use it with yourself, you can also try photos of others.

    1. Camera Illusion

    With Camera Illusion, we can create compositions with our favorite photos and apply different effects to it. From color filters to combine images with other effects or within frames, for example simulating that it has been drawn in chalk on a blackboard. A free application, although it has a paid version with more effects.

    1. Paper Camera

    We finish with a very popular application on Android: Paper Camera. Unlike other retouching applications, with this one, we can give it an effect as if it had been printed on crumpled paper. A good selection of filters that in addition to giving a fun effect to our images if we use it correctly, we will get some nice photos.


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