Become A Funded Trader With City Traders Imperium

Become A Funded Trader With City Traders Imperium

The prospect of trading with a funded account is a hard one to pass up, especially since it comes with so many benefits. City Traders Imperium offers a funded forex trader program that is pretty hard to beat because everything is set up for you to be a winner. Right off the bat, there are a few distinctions to be made that set CTI ahead of the pack. First of all, your methods and styles won’t be restricted to a select few approved methods like other funded programs.

CTI believes that, as long as you can generate profits, you can be trusted to use whatever strategy and methodology you see fit, and that adds a layer of flexibility that can enhance your mental state as well as your trading. You start with an evaluation account that is pretty well designed as it is based around an evaluation system created to encourage any trading strategy to work well with excellent risk management, maximising the output of your trading strategy. With this evaluation plan, you are given an incredibly large amount of time to complete the evaluation, that means there’s no pressure on you to get results as soon as possible so that you can trade comfortably and without making too many mistakes.

The target you are given is also pretty easy as well as realistic, at 6% or 7%, a target that is attainable by any trader at all. The best part is that you aren’t risking any of your own money to trade, all the funds are provided to you by CTI, and you won’t be on the hook for any losses that might be incurred. What this does is that it immediately eliminates most of the negative elements of trading that cause most retail traders to fail. Retail traders, in general, are constantly plagued by psychological obstacles that impede their trading, with the fear of losing money being one of the strongest, among others. So, what happens when you are free from those negative thoughts? Your trading improves drastically.

On top of that, as a fully funded trader, you have access to a community of traders like you, doing exactly what you are doing as well, and you even gain access to coaching and mentorship so that you can work on things that hold you back as a trader. When you join City Traders Imperium’s funded trader program, you get half of any profits you make, and that promotes fairness. These profits are sent to you every month in a timely manner, so you won’t ever have to worry about missed payments. But the most significant part of it all is the possibility for immense growth. After your evaluation is passed, you become a fully funded trader, and your account size is quadrupled!

Yes, it becomes four times its initial size. And it doesn’t stop there; the account size is double every time you make 10% in profits. This is far faster than organically ballooning your account, and so you could be trading with a six or seven-figure account in no time at all. There has never been a better time to get started with CTI. With three very accessible plans, your success is within reach.


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