BITANO – What is the best configuration of the computer for bitcoin mining?


Nowadays, with the development of technology, Bitcoin virtual currency has been growing widely around the world. Many brothers were rich in this currency. Terms related to bitcoin came into being like bitcoin mining, bitcoin plowing. Currently, the primary coins mined on the market include ZEC, LTC, ETH, ETC, DASH, …

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The definition of Bitcoin digging or plowing refers to the inclusion of processing machines to participate in confirmed payments on the existing Blockchain data network. You will receive a certain amount of coin back to pay for the number of algorithms that you have processed. The more engagements and payments we can process, the more coins you will get. Therefore, people focus on a computer that miners very strongly, the more bitcoin they will be able to earn and sell to the market.

There are currently two types of coins mining in the world, often called “buffalo” computers:

Type 1: The computer configuration for mining bitcoins is generally assembled from VGA (most have 6-8 VGA in buffalo). This type is divided into two lines and happily called the green buffalo (using NVIDIA card systems such as 1060, 1070, 1050ti …) and red buffalo (owning AMD cards such as RX470, RX 570, RX480, RX 580.  …). Presently, the red buffalo is selling better, with more users.

Type 2: A dedicated, proprietary miner is called ASI. It easy to use, fill in the wallet information and run, no need to assemble, less error than the Red and Blue VGA. The downside is relatively expensive.

Build a bitcoin mining computer

The bitcoin mining computers configure installed according to your preference. And of course, we need the most optimal milestones.


“Green buffalo” and red buffalo are 30% to 40% stronger than normal desktop computers. People often want to use the line of workstations to use coin plowing, but they have to upgrade.

This coin mining machine only focuses on fully exploiting the GPU power, so other usual components such as CPU, motherboard, RAM … are just vital enough, helping the orchestra. The computer is fresh and works stably and smoothly.

The main of the mining computer, you choose the main series that supports more than six typical PCI slots such as major BioStar TB 250, BioStar TB 85, or Z270… This type of the main series supports plugging up to 6 GPUs (VGA). If anyone is interested in technology, know that there is a new main lineup to assist 13 VGA, which is specialized for mining, processing power will be better. Besides, you can take advantage of low-end motherboards like the h81 by buying and installing out 1 to 4 PCIe splitters.

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