How to Get a Job at an Investment Bank



If you want to get a job at an investment bank, it is imperative to do research about banks in your area. It is also important to have experience so be sure you get internships and volunteer your time with them. If you want to break into financial services one way is by going back and studying finance or math at university level. Finally, networking with the right people is something that cannot be ignored when looking for a job in any field whether it be an investment bank or elsewhere so make sure people know what kind of work interests you by showcasing this on your resume.

What is an Investment Bank

An investment bank is an institution that helps companies and governments raise money from investors. Investment banks offer advice on mergers and acquisitions, corporate strategy, financial management, and other issues. They also trade in the capital markets for their clients as well as for their own accounts. Investment banks provide advisory services, help companies in the new public offering (IPO) process, and help to move private companies into public ones (mergers).

What Does a Career in Finance Look Like

A job in the financial sector is about more than sitting in front of a computer screen all day. The people who do it need to be able to handle stress and deal with failure which may occur on a daily basis. The person should have confidence in their ability to deal with any situation and still have a positive attitude. This person must also be patient and do not let anyone push them around or throw their jobs away. In some cases, an investment banker may get laid off and that is just part of the job.

The Importance of Internships and Volunteer Work

A good internship or volunteer work will help you gain experience and show that you are serious about your career. It will also show future employers that you have the drive to succeed. However, a lack of experience may prevent you from getting a job at investment banks. By volunteering, interning, and going to events that offer hands on work , (like Goldman Sachs training sessions) will give you experience in different areas of finance such as mergers and acquisitions, investment banking, hedge fund structures and tactics, public finance policy analysis, etc.

Know Your Skillset, Experience, and Interests

A potential employee should already have a good understanding of what s/he wants to do. A person might know that s/he does not want to go into accounting and wants to work on sell side research but might not know that it involves sitting in front of a computer all day with your phone off. You might also have an interest in private equity but find out it involves working 80 hours per week. It’s important to match your interests and experience with the right job if you really want to be successful.

In Conclusion

If you’re wondering how to make your way into investment banking, then be sure to start as early as possible. Especially in the beginning stages of your career, take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way. Be sure to network with the right people and put some effort into developing necessary skills for this field.

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