Importing A Car in Canada? Then, here’s How you Should Do it


    Want to import your dream car into Canada but don’t know how and where to begin? If so, the 2 words that can be your saviours are Custom Brokers. Yes, you heard us right. Custom brokers are the licensed and well practiced professionals who handle imports of hundreds and thousands of goods to come across and enter into the Canadian mainland legally. 

    Now, you might think that getting goods cleared at customs is just simple paperwork and what’s the need to pay a middleman for that? If so, think again. Getting customs clearance is a tedious task – a lot of complicated documentation is involved, a lot of regulations have to be met, a lot of rules have to be followed, and a lot, lot more. So, think if you have all that amount of time and skills to handle such tasks all by yourself? Well, most certainly the answer is going to be, no. Which is why you need custom brokers to handle all the import tasks on your behalf so that your goods can arrive in Canada without any delay or hassle. And one such elite company that offers such services is Clearit Canada. Whilst there are several reasons that people think all broker companies work alike, but that’s not the truth. As a matter of fact, it’s services like the Clearit Canada car importing services that you need. That’s because this company:

    • Has a pool of highly experienced brokers.
    • Assigns personal agents on a case-to-case basis so that your imports get all the personal attention they need.
    • Sends agents on site at the time of import to check that the goods imported aren’t damaged in any way.
    • Has a way with customers – they are flexible. In other words, you do not have to forcefully buy the entire package, you can always choose individual services according to your needs and budget. 

    And, these are some services that not all broker companies will offer. That said, when it comes to importing cars and other automobiles into Canada, the stunning services that Clearit offers are listed below. Have a look!

    1. They Generate the ITN/AES Number for You

    Without the ITN number, you cannot import anything into Canada. While most companies take a hefty amount to generate it, Clearit generates it for you at the minimal amount of 127 dollars.

    1. They File the Clearance Documents

    You’ve got to provide them with the commercial invoice/purchase bill and your freight forwarder needs to supply them with PARS. That’s all the information that they need to file for clearance. As a result:

    • You get your cars in time.
    • There’s no hassle that you have to deal with.

    Bbesides, their additional services like sending agents on the site at the time of import ensures  that you’ll be getting undamaged goods. All in all, these are the best services that’ll help you in getting your goods at affordable rates. 


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