Invest in Mutual Funds today, alongside get an idea about the benefits of a Systematic Investment Plan


Before we get into any kind of details let’s first understand what exactly is SIP also known as Systematic Investment Plan. So as you get from the name itself, SIP is an investment plan offered by mutual funds wherein a person can invest a definite amount of money in a mutual fund plan on a timely basis for example once a month or a quarter instead of making a lump sum investment in one go. The best part about a SIP is that you can invest as little as Rs. 500 a month and is very much similar to a recurring deposit. It was also very helpful and easy as you are allowed to give your bank instructions to be able to debt the amount every month.

SIP has been playing a very important role in the lives of many people especially the middle class, as there is no specific limit to your investment and the lowest you can invest is only Rs 500 which makes it easy for everyone to take advantage of and try to get their investment journey going. You don’t even have to be a professional or anything of such caliber, all you need to know is the basis of this and have a decent knowledge of how to choose the right plans for yourself. If you are having trouble with choosing the right investment plans we also have got you covered there, as we have numerous apps out there that will help you and guide you through the process and one of the best one is the Scripbox app. All you have to do is just find this app from your app store on your mobile and click the install button, then the registration process will also just take a few minutes. In no time you will have the setup ready and Scripbox will make sure you see the best plans for yourself, it also offers a SIP calculator and make sure you choose the right one with help of some experts who will provide you the best possible suggestion in terms of investing in a mutual fund.


SIP has been gaining a lot of attention and popularity in recent years especially amongst the Indian mutual fund investors. It helps in investing in a very decent, systematic and disciplined manner also avoiding any market violations. If you are looking for a long term investment, Systematic Investment Plan is the best way to get it done. It can be the starting point of your investment journey and just like that you will enter the world of mutual funds investment. So set your goals today and start investing, invest regularly and smartly and get the best out of your investment.


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