List of Pawn Items with Huge Pay-Outs


Each one of us can encounter a situation when we are in dire need of instant cash and are unable to get through the bank or any other source. Coming up with instant cash for various purposes could be extremely difficult. Hence, what is one of the simplest ways to get instant cash from trustworthy sources? Nothing can be better than visiting a pawn shop. One can get hands-on pawn shops buy laptops, computers, etc. and get instant cash.

Pawnshops are a reliable source that promotes buying and selling a variety of used products, that can get used by multiple people. Moreover, the products bought and sold are in good and working condition.

Here is a list of pawn things, you can trade in return of a high payout:

Electronic Items

It is commonly said that the more the demand for a product, the higher will be the value of that product. In the market today there are a vast option of electronics available and one can get hands-on pawn shop buy computers, TVs, mobile phones, consoles etc. However, to fetch a fair amount, one needs to make sure that the electronic items are in really good condition. Before anybody buys the article, they will always check the condition of it, such as if the body has any scratch, the battery, sound etc.

Moreover, one should also get along with themselves the following:

  • Paperwork – such as guarantee and bills
  • Remotes
  • Accessories
  • Manuals

Pawn & More is known for buying and selling of the used electronics regularly.


There is no doubt about the fact that jewelry can fetch a considerable amount of money instantly. Pawn & More has been inclined towards the process of buying and selling of silver, gold, and diamond jewelry. When it comes to jewelry, there will always be a trained staff who can check the authenticity of the jewelry. The team that checks jewelry is certified from:

  • GIA (Gemological Institute of Management)
  • JA (Jewelers of America)

If you have been looking forward to clearing the clutter and getting rid of that ugly worn off gold earrings and rings, or there is a gold piece at your home that does not suit your vibe and style, then you can always sell these jewelry items that is in any condition, and in return get instant cash.

History Collectibles and Coins

It is a common notion, that whenever the word historical gets attached to any and everything the value of that thing automatically increases. Historical items have always been in demand, and people look forward to getting hands-on them. If you are someone who owns historical coins or collectibles, then you can earn top dollars for your collection.

Historical items include:

  • Coin Collection
  • Autograph
  • Documents
  • Photograph

You can get rid of these historical items that are no longer used by you, and fetch a fair amount of money. There are people out there who are looking to buy such antique things that have a very high value.

Musical Instruments

Especially during our childhood, we end up getting our hands on at least one musical instrument, be it a keyboard, guitar, sitar, drums etc. Musical instruments are something we keep with ourselves for years and do not throw them away. Musical instruments are generally in demand, and people today do not mind buying second hand or used instruments.

If you still own a flute, bass or any other musical instrument and it is lying in your cupboard for years, then it is time for you to trade your musical instrument and get cash in return.


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