SMSF Setup at Zero Cost


It is difficult for SMSF trustees to believe that SMSF setup services can be availed at no cost, but it is true that iCare super offers free SMSF setup services. 

Australia is a continent that is known for its economic prowess and financial acumen. It is a place where people are educated and experienced to take important financial decisions. People are very cautious about investments, financial planning and retirement plans. It is for this reason that Self-Managed Super Funds have a significant importance and need setup services for the SMSF trustees. 

What are SMSF Setup Services?

SMSF Setup services relate to setting up the entire SMSF for the trustees. It includes drafting and preparing legal deed, apply for TFN/ABN, assist in opening Bank account in the name of SMSF, providing complete support for the entire rollover process. These services though seem to be easy and convenient to handle, yet requires enough experience and thorough knowledge in implementation. It is only companies like iCare Super that provide expert entire setup services for free. Moreover there are no hidden charges or any other contract agreement that the trustee need to sign or enter while taking the benefits of this free service. 

Is it compulsory to take the services of Income tax return from the SMSF Setup Service provider?

Once a SMSF is set, there are a host of legal and financial compliances to be undertaken. Every year the trustees need to file proper returns and maintain the books of account as per the Australian government. There are certain SMSF setup service providers that claim to provide free services to their client, yet they make it compulsory for them to get their tax returns and financial reports prepared by them and pay for them separately. In a way they lure the clients initially by offering free services initially but then bind them in certain agreements where they have to pay compulsorily. It is only with iCare Super that you are completely at discretion to avail other financial services apart from SMSF setup, which is completely free. 

Avail free SMSF setup Services with 100% Confidentiality

We at iCare Super treat our clients with utmost care and diligence. Our privacy and confidential policy strictly instructs all our employees to keep all the data and information confidential and in no situation or circumstances share it with any agency, vendor or for any marketing collateral. It has been observed that many companies extend referral services and third party arrangements wherein Banks or Mortgaged companies contact the clients and pressurize them to avail their products. We consider that even though we provide free services to our customers we cannot compromise on their privacy and personal rights. 

Maintain Control of SMSF

If you are interested to get SMSF setup services, iCare Super is highly recommended. It is the only licensed and most reliable setup service provider that offers the SMSF setup absolutely free and also allows you to maintain full control of your SMSF. With no hidden charges or contract agreements it is a safe bet to plan your retirement with iCare Super. 


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