Steps To Find Cheap Car Insurance for 20 Year Old Male


Do you know all the details about car insurance for 20 year old male? Well, if you don’t know about it enough then you may end up buying the wrong one and may pay more for your insurance premium. So, getting all the details and knowing about its rates and tricks is quite essential for you to save money. When you are eligible to drive, you should get the insurance on the first opportunity.

Rates of Insurance Policies for 20 Years Old Male:

Until you turn 25 years old, your gender affects your policy rates and if you are male then you have to pay around 10% more. Female drivers pay less on average compared to males that is because 20-years old male drivers are considered as the high-risk drivers.

On average 20-years old male drivers pay $5590 for insurance compared to $5076 for female drivers and the sole reason for that is the driving record and driving habits of young make drivers and their high-risk factor.

Annual average premium also varies from age to age for female and male:

  • For 19 years: $6311 for males compared to $5732 for females
  • For 20 years: $5590 for males compared to $5076 for females
  • For 21 years: $4647 for males compared to $4258 for females

This shows that how much difference is present for males and females for premium rates.

Well, you can reduce these rates by just following some steps and using some tricks so the insurance doesn’t affect so much to your pocket.

Steps to get the cheapest insurance for 20-year males:

To get the cheapest rates for 20 years old males, here are some steps and tricks you can use:

Lower your coverage limits

Look and evaluate your requirements and buy your insurance according to it and don’t buy way too much coverage. People often do this to get more protection but in most of the policies, some of the insurance coverage is not needed at all. See your requirements and buy according to that as full coverage is more than enough for every driver.

If your car still has value then you should buy collision and comprehensive coverage as they are more than enough to cover all your requirements. The main thing is to buy coverage as per your net worth so you don’t overspend on insurance.

Try to qualify for Discounts

There are loads of discounts available for you as you can qualify for these discounts by having a good academic result and a great driving test result. This will make you a low-risk driver and make you a good driver and this will lead to low premium rates and get affordable quotes.

Some of the requirements to get discounts are:

  • Good academic results
  • Driver with a defensive course certificate
  • Persons with a clean credit history

These requirements are directly related to low-risk drivers. Hence, if you can maintain a good and clean driving record then you can get cheap driving insurance. Car insurance for 20 year old male college students is the best as if you get marks above a certain cut off then you can reduce rates of your premium.

Shop Around

Shopping around is quite important as you can get to know how much every company charges you and which company will give you the best value for your money. Shop around and you can get to know the market and the rates of every best company around you. Shop around and choose the one that satisfies all of your requirements and gives you the best coverage and save your money at the same time.

Stay on your parent’s car policy

If your parents allowed you to stay on their policy then you shouldn’t need to buy a new policy as it will be a more affordable and wise decision. If your parents are ready to name you on their plan then you can save money by buying simple policy rather than paying for two different policies.

If you have any inquiries about the cheapest car insurance for 20 year olds then you should ask us, Alias Insurance, as we are known to give you the best advice and will solve all your queries regarding insurance without any hassle.








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