Take Your First Step in the World of Share Market


They say that the best thing you could do with your money is to invest it. Investing, a decade ago, was not possible for everyone so easily. Today not only has the number of investment options increased but so has the number of investors and the platforms you could invest from. Growth in technology is the reason anyone with a mobile phone and internet connection can invest now, from anywhere in the world. It also helped spread the knowledge about investing. People learned how to buy stocks in the share market and how to trade cryptocurrencies along with the new wave of NFTs. The world has seen a rise in investors across all the mediums, ready to invest and let their money work for them. If you are finding a way to ride on this wave and try investing for yourself, then here are some things that’ll help you get started –

As mentioned before, there are numerous options available in the market now for one to invest in. The oldest and probably the one you must have heard a thousand times before is the stock market. There are many investment gurus out on the internet that give stock advice, strategies, plans, etc. but they may not always be correct. Here’s what you need to know about the stock market:

The stock market allows you to invest in shares of a company. The price of the share may increase or decrease depending on how the company performs. There are many types of investing when it comes to the share market. You can either opt for intraday trading or hold your stocks for a longer period. Intraday trading suggests that you buy certain stocks and sell them, everything you have to do, you must do it before the day ends. You can’t hold stocks longer than a day in intraday trading. Practicing intraday trading and making consistent profits through it requires a lot of knowledge about the market. Another option as mentioned above is holding stocks for a longer time. You can buy shares of a company that you have well researched and hold them until you get the desired profit. Some companies even pay investors for holding their shares for a longer period, this is known as a dividend. So, if you hold stocks of a company then you get a dividend paid to you quarterly, yearly – depending on the company’s policy.

This is just a scratch on the surface of the knowledge of the share market. Dive deep into it and study to understand the markets better. You can invest nowadays using various share market app tools or websites available on the internet. The best advice for investing would be to be patient with the investments, to invest as regularly as possible and diversify your investment portfolio by investing in various assets such as Mutual Funds, cryptocurrency, digital gold, etc. Remember to research the market properly and set goals before investing.

Happy investing!