The Property Solutions You can Count On in Case of Overseas


The recent data revealed that there was an increase in launches (5.2%) and in sales (9.4%) of properties in the first quarter compared to previous years. This trend is being repeated during the year.

In view of this, another survey carried out by the Housing Union, showed that, in the first semester alone, there was a 52% increase in the number of properties sold alone. This brand is comparable to the rates reached before the Brazilian economic crisis, when the real estate market was heated.

Although experts signal that there will be a retraction due to the elections, this retreat will not be as impactful. Due to this renewed breath, many regions of the country are receiving new high-end real estate launches.

There is a visible preference for more compact units , with less than 45 square meters, especially in large centers. On the other hand, in the more remote regions, club and pay-per-use condominiums, horizontal and vertical, are being increasingly sought after by families who want security and comfort in their daily lives. Visit  for the best solutions there.

What are the advantages of investing in real estate?

Even with the recent financial crisis in Brazil, which hit the property market hard, the benefits of investing in this sector have not disappeared. On the contrary, they remain standing, attracting many profitable businesses. Below, we will list the main advantages of making a real estate application.


Real estate is tangible goods, that is, it has added value. Therefore, among all types of investment, real estate is the one with the greatest historical stability. The reason for this is that, unlike stocks, for example, the investor is not at risk of losing the invested capital due to external causes.

Even in negative economic phases, this asset remains in the possession of the owner, and can be negotiated with a good profit margin. Just to materialize what we are talking about, in the turbulent period of national financial uncertainty, investors were able to sell their properties  in cash to buyers who already had reserved capital.


As already discussed, real estate investment combines the characteristics of fixed and variable rents. So, depending on the region in which the property is located, the profits obtained from this type of investment can be surprising. Therefore, whether due to the appreciation or the correction of the interest rate, there will always be returns for the owner.


Another advantage of financial investment in real estate is the variety of investment options. In addition to being able to rent or sell, the owner has the freedom to choose the type of property he wishes to purchase in accordance with the appeal of a particular region.

For example, if the desire is to buy real estate in a seaside town, when purchasing apartments close to the beach, the owner can rent them by the season. In contrast, in large urban centers, the same type of housing would be negotiated for a fixed lease. In addition, the investor can explore various profiles of buyers or tenants, and also rent or sell properties for a variety of purposes, such as commercial purposes.


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